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ASP.Net & SQL Server Hosting being scoped here at

An ASP.Net web hosting solution which doesn't involve complicated, glitchy and confusing control panels.

Instead, how about connecting to the web cluster using the same tools you are used to... Internet Information Services Manager, SQL Server Management Studio and deploying seamlessly using Visual Studio publishing.

Sounds like Azure doesn't it?  Except, Azure requires additional tools, access levels and knowledge, plus, Azure doesn't reflect your local IIS environment!

If we were to build something like this, we would need interest first.  Being a development specialist myself, I've always wanted to connect directly to everything using the usual development tools, and not have the hassle of interpreting control panel items to the settings I see on my dev platform and changing code to fit the live environment.

Platforms such as proposes are especially useful for migrating intranet systems to private clouds / extranet with minimal compatibility issues if any.

The sort of features to be seen for the web (IIS) side
  • FTP & FTPS access.
  • WebDav access.
  • FastCGI enabling PHP.
  • Own app pool with resource usage limits.
  • Classic ASP.
  • Connect to and manage site using IIS Manager, whilst keeping isolation from other sites.
  • Webfarm functionality for distributed load.

Further features:
  • Dual SQL Server with AlwaysOn HA operational.
  • Secure networking between web and data tiers.
  • Ability to manage SQL using traditional tools such as SSMS


We are a relatively new hosting company on the web, residing in London and established in 2015, by a group of highly experienced computing professionals who have worked in some of the most complex datacentre environments in the UK.

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